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Codeify means to transform ideas into codes. We provide websites and more! If you need a website for your business, this is the place to go. Check out our website to find great software products and deals!


Your needs are our priority

Meet the feature of our product

Fast Development

A company landing page website takes less than two weeks from development to deployment.

Modular Development

We have a variety of functional modules for you to choose. Also priovide customized development according to your needs.

One-stop Service

We provide a full set of solutions, from development, deployment to maintenance.

Customer Support

Your needs are our priority. We provide 7 x 24 customer support for our valued custormers.

Core features

Choose best practice technology stack for development

Implement best practices to ensure that your website is responsive on screens of any size, responds quickly to user operations, and SEO friendly.


Development process

Typical Workflow


Collect user needs

Collect user needs and provide professional advice.

Solution confirmation

Complete the website development solution and submit the user for confirmation.

Website development

Carry out website development and deployment.

Product delivery and customer service

Deliver pruduct to the user for acceptance. And provide customer service.

Pricing Information

Choose your pricing plan